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Snow wraps white blanket around SC
South Carolinians woke up Saturday to find a blanket of snow on the ground across the state. From a couple of inches of the white powder in Charleston to more than 8 inches in Columbia, the snow delighted children across the state.

Another storm with more rain than snow was forecasted to hit the Upstate today. More below in Statewide.

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Brack: Lawmakers make liberal use of amendment process
"Anybody care to guess how many bills are in the legislative hopper to amend the state constitution? A dozen? Twenty? Thirty?

"Try more than 80. By our count, state lawmakers since last year have filed 83 bills that seek to amend the state constitution."

Statewide impact
Census data will show fast growth in SC Hispanic populations Census data will show fast growth in SC Hispanic populations
Washington Post looks at some new data that could come out of the 2010 Census.
Feds deem C-17s "unnecessary"
President Obama and the Defense Department have deemed additions to the line of heavy lifters, many based out of Charleston AFB, no longer necessary in the US fleet.
Source: The State
Congress may push for C-17 funding
SNOW: A white blanket for South Carolina
From Greenville to Charleston, South Carolina residents were treated to a rare blanketing of snow late Friday.
Source: The State
Historic snow blankets Georgetown Historic snow blankets Georgetown
Snow brings fun, headaches to Myrtle Snow brings fun, headaches to Myrtle
Lots of fun, some problems from weekend snow Lots of fun, some problems from weekend snow
Southern states recover from widespread snow Southern states recover from widespread snow
Crews prep to tackle Upstate snow
Snow gone, some still without power
New storm headed for Upstate to bring more rain than snow
Snow storm a delight for many
Source: The State
Snowmen roll into Lowcountry
Wet Winter throws wrench in work, play
Source: The State
Weather brings wreaks, closures in Columbia
Source: The State
Horry County emails show internal struggle Horry County emails show internal struggle
The Sun Times' second of a three part series looking at how the Horry County Council conducts business via email and how recent struggles have affected the council.
Criminal probe of Sanford continues Criminal probe of Sanford continues
State Attorney General Henry McMaster said he has not yet made a decision on Sanford's ongoing criminal inquiry.
GOP hopeful, MS Gov Barbour to visit Spartanburg GOP hopeful, MS Gov Barbour to visit Spartanburg
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour will be hosted by the Spartanburg GOP when he visits the state on March 15.
DeMint to speak following Crist challenger at conservative conference DeMint to speak following Crist challenger at conservative conference
DeMint, who has taken on the mantle of the leader of senate conservatives, will speak following Marco Rubio, the challenger leading Charlie Crist to be Florida's next senator at this week's CPAC.
Black Caucus brings fundraising clout Black Caucus brings fundraising clout
Columbia Rep Jim Clyburn is the third-highest ranking Representative in Congress and brings significant influence to the Congressional Black Caucus.
Charleston planning chief looks to cut red tape
Tim Keane, the newly-appointed chief planner for Charleston is taking steps to cut down on red tape on city permits.
State leaders looking at boosting reserves to save millions
State leaders say that by boosting budget reserves by 2 percent they'll save millions in interest costs because they'll be able to get a higher credit rating, which will lower interest rates.
Former ESC supervisor remembers "chaos" at agency
Recounts from the former financial supervisor of sloppy accounting and "financial chaos" confirm several other anecdotes that have come out of the embattled Employment Security Commission in the past few weeks.
State Comptroller calls FBI on commission State Comptroller calls FBI on commission
State chamber calls for agency commissioners to step down State chamber calls for agency commissioners  to step down
Obama, Graham at odds on how to handle terror suspects
Sen. Lindsey Graham and President Obama don't see eye-to-eye on how to handle the arrest and prosecution of terror suspects.
AG Holder works to polish political ear after 9/11 trial plan AG Holder works to polish political ear after 9/11 trial plan
Graham calls for replacement of Obama's top terror advisor
Columbia firm a source for candidates
Columbia firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough has produced candidates for elected office from governor to boards of state colleges and universities.
Source: The State
GOP candidates in 1st district work to stand out
The race for the GOP nomination, now eight candidates strong, heats up in the first district.
Horry accountant announces intentions to run for Congress Horry accountant announces intentions to run for Congress
Campbell suggests hiring freeze
DeMint challenges climate change via Twitter
Sen DeMint uses last week's snow storms in Washington to challenge theories of human-caused climate change via Twitter.
Source: The State
Barrett builds base in business
"The State" profiles GOP candidate for governor, US Rep. Gresham Barrett.
Source: The State
Benjamin says he understands Columbia's "fabric"
"The State" profiles Democratic candidate for mayor of Columbia, Steve Benjamin.
Source: The State
BOOK: Jenny Sanford's book climbs to no. 8 on NYT best seller list
"Staying True" debuts at number 8 on the New York Times best seller list a week after release.
Source: The State
Sanford insists book is not "revenge"
Readers flock to Mt Pleasant signing
Wooten: Sanford's book tour opens old wounds
Genders differ on opinion of "Staying True"
(SC Clips publisher Andy Brack mentioned in this story.)
Source: The State
Reviews are in for "Staying True"
Source: The State
Myrtle Beach businesses wait out bad economy Myrtle Beach businesses wait out bad economy
Myrtle Beach businesses are waiting out an economic downturn which started more than a year ago.
SC native, biz journalist David Morrow dies at 49 SC native, biz journalist David Morrow dies at 49
David J. Morrow, Spartanburg native and business journalist who was previously the editor-in-chief of TheStreet.com, died earlier this month in Spartanburg.
Greenville theater sees hit in "Wicked" Greenville theater sees hit in
The Peace Center has sold nearly 48,000 tickets for its three-week run of "Wicked."
Source: GSA Business
Midlands foreclosures down Midlands foreclosures down
Though foreclosures were up statewide, population centers saw a major decline.
SCANA reports lower SCANA reports lower
SCANA Corp. showed lower earnings for Q4 2009, citing reduced demand for electricity and the troubled economy.
New cruise ship regulations to be put to test New cruise ship regulations to be put to test
As cruise traffic quickens, new measures to prepare for cruises will be tested.
Isle of Palms in "Parents'" top 10
Isle of Palms comes in at #10 on the magazine's list of family friendly resorts.
Lexington industrial park development halted
Work on the Saxe Gotha Industrial Park has been halted for months after a contractor mistakenly cut a road bed into wetlands and reported the mistake.
Wildlife Expo takes to Charleston
Despite Friday's bad weather, the Southeastern Wildlife Expo took over Charleston venues this weekend.
Michelin profits see dive in 2009
The tire company saw a 71 percent dip in profits in 2009.
Lake Murray sellers marketing to part-time residents
Some Midlands home-sellers are marketing their homes for part-time vacation residents--a tactic that has worked for other popular leisure areas of the state.
Source: The State
BMW boosting lines to strengthen position
BMW showed off a redesigned X5 last week in an effort to regain strong sales, which saw more than a 10 percent dive last year.
Developer seeks funds for shopping center
The Sembler Co.'s past projects concern some as the company seeks millions to build Okatie Crossings, at 280-acre shopping center in Beaufort and Jasper counties.
Homebuyer credits boost sales of low-cost homes
Incentives to first-time-homebuyers are boosting sales of low-priced homes, real estate analysts say.
Grand Strand home sales see jump in January
Greenville housing market sees January boost
Strong dollar worldwide hurts exports
Strong performance from the dollar sounds good but could hurt exports, a major contributing factor to the already-fragile US economy.
Retail sales show rise in January
SCE&G faces down rate increase
The 10 percent increase, if approved, will be phased in over 18 months.
SCE&G mulls rate hike
SC among a few states digging deep on testing data SC among a few states digging deep on testing data
South Carolina is one of a handfull of states that use "erasure analysis" in standardized tests as a way to cut down on cheating.
Richland 2 faces long-standing success, challenges
The Columbia school district is facing unprecedented budget and leadership challenges and seen tremendous growth.
Source: The State
Charleston's Sanders-Clyde to reopen with arts focus
The downtown school with Charleston County's highest poverty rate will reopen with a focus on the arts.
USC business school plans web data portal
The Moore School plans to aggregate economic data from across the state into one web-based portal.
Source: The State
Colleges' out-of-state numbers raise concerns
The number of in-state students at many SC colleges and universities has dropped over the past decade, raising a red flag for analysts.
Source: The State
State's feral pigs worry naturalists State's feral pigs worry naturalists
Naturalists worry about the wild pigs because their populations are hard to track and control.
DHEC fines waste hauler $95k
DHEC said it planned to fine TransGlobal Trucking for a "laundry list" of violations related to improper disposal of waste.
Charleston marina seeks 150 ft addition
The Charleston City Marina is seeking a 150 foot extension into the Ashley River.
Roper to highlight adoption
Roper Hospital will highlight stories of 20 SC foster children in its downtown Charleston outpatient facility.
Major Local News
Seven options for saving money on health insurance Seven options for saving money on health insurance
Reese McFaddin takes a look at ways you can save money on health insurance right now.
Georgetown to spend up to $25k on auditorium upkeep Georgetown to spend up to $25k on auditorium upkeep
The city will spend $25k over the next three years on day-to-day maintenance of the Winyah Auditorium.
Bid to preserve Beaumont mill neighborhood gets initial approval Bid to preserve Beaumont mill neighborhood gets initial approval
A Spartanburg architectural board is examining the next steps to preserve homes near the old Beaumont mill, which recently got initial approval.
New standardized achievement test New standardized achievement test
"State officials won’t be able to fully assess the performance of students or the success of the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards — or PASS test — until students take the test a few more times. But in some respects, it already is obvious that PASS is an improvement over its predecessor."
Myrtle Beach Marathon canceled Myrtle Beach Marathon canceled
Friday's snowstorm caused course conditions to worsen enough for organizers to cancel the Myrtle Beach Marathon.
Charleston Housing Authority to issue $1M+ in refunds
CHA will repay more than $1.4 million to clients after it was determined that the authority underpaid subsidies from 2005–2009.
Patriots Point fields suggestions for future plans
The Patriots Point Development Authority took suggestions at a public meeting last week as it works on upcoming plans.
Charleston Promise could deliver for community development project
Charleston is among 20 cities vying for federal money for a community development program modeled after similar programs in NYC.
Library society director works to revive community ties
The Charleston Library Society is working to regain a position of influence it held in the Charleston community when the society started some 200 years ago.
Charleston blacksmith's vision to be memorialized
A retired Charleston graphic designer is seeking to build the late master blacksmith Phillip Simmons' unfulfilled vision for his "Story of Charleston" in iron.
"The State" photogs honored
Two photographers from "The State" were honored with South Carolina Newspaper Photographer Association Photographer of the Year and runner-up honors.
Source: The State
Brock: Where does prayer have to stop on public property? Brock: Where does prayer have to stop on public property?
"A number of Georgetown High School students were recently “caught” praying before classes at Georgetown High School."
Obama not a savior Obama not a savior
"As your Jan. 17 front-page article noted, voters of all stripes are singing the blues because they're rapidly losing faith in President Barack Obama. Opinion polls, blogs and letters to the editor all reflect a growing disenchantment with him and a belief that the country is on the wrong track. It's difficult to imagine a president who has disappointed so many people in such a short time in office. After a first-rate political campaign, the political phenom is looking more and more like a one-termer."
Painful choices for public schools Painful choices for public schools
"Local school officials have little but bad news to offer about the budget prospects for the coming school year. But give them credit for getting the bad news out early and giving their respective communities a chance to study and comment on the various painful options."
Bauer: Culture of dependency needs to be broken Bauer: Culture of dependency needs to be broken
"What we call welfare is not a single benefit as much as a series of uncoordinated programs offered by numerous state and federal agencies. This web of public assistance does not include business, church, community or charity efforts."
Public notice of elections vital Public notice of elections vital
"South Carolina lawmakers have been in disagreement over changes to election law. Republicans pushed for requiring state-issued identification cards for all voters. Democrats said many people don’t have driver’s licenses or other such identification – and the GOP goal was trying to make it more difficult for minorities to vote."
Presidents day and Lincoln's birthday Presidents day and Lincoln's birthday
"The late Larry McGehee, Wofford College historian, wrote columns for The Times and Democrat for years. His Southern roots and regional themes made for a must-read for those interested in Southern history."
Compromise not Obama's strong suit Compromise not Obama's strong suit
"At first it seemed like a great idea. President Obama, fresh from good reviews for his appearance at the House Republican retreat two weeks ago, invited Republican leaders to Blair House in Washington for negotiations on a health insurance reform bill. But the essence of negotiation is in its definition -- "to deal or bargain with another or others." Or, to quote an old song lyric: "You've got to give a little, take a little, and let your poor heart break a little.""
Charleston charter questions linger in light of ruling
"It's highly unlikely that the Charleston County School Board's appeal of a circuit judge's decision will give the board what some members say they need the most: guidance on what they are required to provide charter schools."
Brown: Fishing restrictions will be costly
"Imagine a vast area off the South Carolina coast that's closed to fishing, stretching north from the Georgia border for nearly 150 miles to near McClellanville."
International climate panel needs shake-up
"The International Panel on Climate Change needs a major shake-up. Its last major report contained many inaccuracies, included information from questionable sources, and it was tilted in an alarmist direction. It shouldn't happen again."
Retail incentives don't always pay
"Savvy business people know they must spend money to make money. Well-informed taxpayers know that government occasionally must, in effect, spend some of their money to promote economic development via tax breaks to businesses. But using such incentives for retail businesses is not a sound investment. That's why the General Assembly should scuttle a proposed incentive package for a new "mega-mall" in Jasper County."
Behre: Take lessons from Jane Jacobs
Jane Jacobs recounts the sentiment behind her seminal work, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities."
Butzon, Huchet: Embracing education now
"South Carolina needs to embrace public education as an investment in our future and stop dismissing it as an expense to be cut. We cannot afford to wait. Our schools cannot afford to wait. And our children certainly cannot afford to wait - that is, if they are going to take a seat at the table."
Templeton: Look at poverty with mindful eye
"Once again one of our elected officials makes the rest of us South Carolinians look ignorant. This time Andre Bauer has stepped into the spotlight with his efforts to discuss poverty."
Leap: SUV became part of the family
"Americans have long had a love affair with cars. I know that more mass transit, like high-speed rail, would be great. But the fact remains that I can stand on the side of the road in Tamassee for hours, and not a single bus or train will come by."
Littlejohn: Women have their work cut out for them
"Seven years ago, in the midst of grief, dismay and hope, the YWCA of Greenville hosted the very first Amy Kay Stubbs Women of Achievement Awards Dinner. Since that time, we have hosted an annual dinner that pays tribute to Greenville’s heroines. They also pay tribute to the life of past YWCA Board President Amy Kay Stubbs for her significant achievements and commitment to the YWCA."
Reform Employment Security Commission
"South Carolina lawmakers owe it to this state’s businesses and workers to reform the Employment Security Commission so that it better helps unemployed workers find jobs, eliminates abuse of jobless benefits and is more accountable to businesses and taxpayers."
Cameras keep Greenville safer
"Security cameras that watch over downtown Greenville make the city safer and deter crime. They also catch crimes while they’re happening. Just ask two teens who were arrested for vandalizing a downtown statue recently after they were caught on tape."
Gardner: Numbers show additional room for reliance on nuclear energy
"There is a more compelling reason than climate change for reining in the consumption of fossil fuels and fostering the development of renewable and nuclear energy sources. This reason complements and perhaps even supersedes arguments based on energy independence and national security: There is a strong likelihood that the Earth's endowment of economically exploitable fossil fuels will near exhaustion within 70 years. This is based on data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the mathematics of the doubling time for growth."
Source: The State
Burger: Antics help SC live up to nickname
Unfortunate antics from SC figures help state live up to its "too big to be an insane asylum" moniker.
Burger: The simple truths left uncovered
Some simple truths turned into "a ha" moments.
Newsome: Public shares views on Union Pier
"When we initiated the Union Pier planning process, the goals were clear.
We sought to create a financially viable plan for an attractive cruise terminal that meets today's enhanced security requirements. We committed to mitigate impacts on existing infrastructure and traffic."
Union Pier seeks to put new face on "front door"
Flag Shelby for Senate holds
"Many Republicans rightly cried foul a few months ago when Democratic Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska extracted costly federal favors for their states in exchange for supporting the health care bill. Now many Democrats are doing the same over Republican Sen. Richard Shelby's blatant attempt to extract costly federal favors for Alabama in exchange for not blocking dozens of Obama administration nominees."
Put Charleston City Council on the air
"It's not always easy for citizens to attend Charleston City Council meetings. The size of City Council Chambers is limited. There is no on-site parking. And meetings end after dark."
Warner: Focus on strengths to stimulate growth
"Economic development in South Carolina usually means industrial recruiting. Candidates for governor in both parties say they will be the state's best salesman to convince outside companies to locate here. That's fine, but it was 20 years between BMW and Boeing. We can't afford to wait another two decades to hunt down the next buffalo."
Source: The State
Bolton: Keep an eye on mayor, council district 4 races
"It makes sense - and would be partly right - to assume that Columbians' anger over City Council leading the city into one of the biggest fiscal debacles in its history prompted candidates to crowd the field for mayor as well as the District 4 council seat."
Source: The State
College governance should be more centralized
"Our state's colleges and universities long have complained that they have to jump through too many bureaucratic hoops to satisfy a Legislature that is providing them with ever-smaller portions of their operating budgets. And understandably so."
Source: The State


Statewide impact

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Black Caucus brings fundraising clout; DeMint to speak following Crist challenger at conservative conference More...


New cruise ship regulations to be put to test; SCANA reports lower More...


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State's feral pigs worry naturalists; Charleston marina seeks 150 ft addition More...


Roper to highlight adoption More...

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Myrtle Beach Marathon canceled; New standardized achievement test More...


Compromise not Obama's strong suit; Presidents day and Lincoln's birthday More...